Tasks are the basis of the project structure, and contain resources as well as their expenses

Tasks can be colored in the following colors:
Green: common task
Red: overdue task – the deadline for its completion has already passed, but it is still not completed
Violet: a task that is part of the Critical Path – the longest sequence of tasks from the beginning of the project to its end, taking into account their relationship. To see such tasks you have to click on
Orange: a task containing Conflict

Task Interface:

You can move the deadlines of the task by dragging it
You can change the timing of the task by dragging the edge of the task (only if it does not contain other tasks – in this case, its duration is determined by its contents)
You can change the progress of a task by dragging the slider under it
You can make a connectionusing round elements at the edges of the problem

You can also edit a task by double-clicking on its name in the table on the left